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Above the Clouds: Pilots to the Rescue 3/4/21

On Thursday, March 4th, I flew out on a rescue mission with a non-profit organization named Pilots to the Rescue & saved 19 little lives. Yes. 19. My heart is still so full from this day so I couldn't be happier to share my experience with you.

Before diving into it, let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful organization.

Pilots to the Rescue (PTTR) is a volunteer-driven non-profit that utilizes their aircraft to transport animals at risk of euthanasia from overcrowded shelters to places where they can be fostered or adopted. PTTR had their first rescue in 2014, and now, with numerous rescues under their belt, they are bigger than ever and they continue to expand their animal rescue service.

I had the opportunity to fly out with PTTR's founder, pilot Michael Schneider, through 6 states for this rescue mission and I could not be more grateful.

We started our adventure with a packed cabin of animal supplies from Cuddly (including hundreds of pounds of food) and we set on our way to pick up the little fur babies in need.

We touched down, gave our supplies over and then started to load up the rescues.

Thanks to Pittsylvania Pet Center's partnership with Pilots to the Rescue (special shout out to Glory), we were able to all work together to save 18 cats & 1 lucky dog, Ralph. I mean, come on, just LOOK at that face!

Such an amazing experience.

Please continue to support Pilots to the Rescue and their mission! And remember: adopt, don't shop!

Click the video below for a more in depth look into our rescue flight!


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