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GET San Diego.

There is something so refreshing about San Diego and if you've been, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Maybe it's the perfect year-round weather or the overly chill vibes...BUT you know it when you're there, believe me.


Harborview. The view is unreal and you are close to everything - I mean, how beautiful is this?!


Clayton's on Coronado - Sick burrito spot

Tacos El Gordo - Go here for some delicious tacos

Raki Raki Ramen - Cannot go wrong, definitely give this a go

Nicky Rottens - If you're up for having some tasty burgers. This spot is located in Coronado


Off-road. This was BY FAR my favorite part of the trip.

Have yourself a San Diego Ballast Point and some laughs in the sun with some kickass humans.

Enjoy the beauty of a sunset along the water.

Do something you never done before. We went with flying.


Plan EVERYTHING to a T. There is a lot to see, do and explore so leave room to #getlost (yes..first post in, I had to do the get lost thing).

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